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401(k) Services

Anderson Financial Services – Your Trusted Partner In Qualified Retirement Plans

AFS has been servicing corporate retirement plans for over thirty years. We currently work with our business clients on 401(k), Simple, SEP and Solo-401(k) plans. The average length of time a 401(k) plan client has utilized our service is 13.2 years. We are proud of this statistic and feel it is a direct correlation to the proactive service provided to our plan sponsors.

Retirement Plan Team

Scott Anderson, Financial Advisor

  • Plan set-up and design
  • Annual contract reviews
  • 25+ years of experience servicing 401(k) plans

Sean Rice, Financial Advisor

  • Individual participant enrollment and review meetings
  • Group education meetings
  • 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry

Melissa McLaughlin, Administrative Partner

  • Proactive scheduling of participant enrollment and review meetings
  • First point of contact for ongoing 401(k) service needs


We believe that educating your participants as to the benefits of their plan is critical to their participation, and ongoing utilization, of this valuable benefit. Each plan sponsor client receives a proactive service plan based on a mutually agreeable schedule. We will reach out to the designated plan sponsor contact to schedule enrollment & review meetings, annual contract reviews, and ongoing education.


Our company first began assisting corporate clients with 401(k) plans in the 1980’s. Bob Anderson, our co-founder, began offering these plans soon after their creation as part of the Revenue Act of 1978. Upon entering the financial services industry in the early 1990’s, Scott Anderson began working with our plan sponsor clientele to continue the tradition of service.  Today, more than 30 years since we helped our first business client establish a plan, our 401(k) Team continues to provide proactive service to our many plan sponsor clients.


  • Average tenure of our 401(k) plan client = 13.2 years
  • Average 401(k) plan size = $4.1M
  • Average 401(k) participant balance = $95,000
  • Total 401(k) plan participants serviced = 600+

401(k) Partners

We currently service plans with the following 401(k) recordkeepers:

  •  John Hancock                                  
  •  Empower Retirement      
  •  American Funds
  •  Newport Group